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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Feeding food insecure families


Food Drives are crucial to keep our pantry operational

 Hand Up rises to the occasion of every case we are referred.  If it means spending our holiday at the site of a multi-family fire - bringing food to a homeless family, veteran,  or senior  citizen or providing  personal essentials to our elderly  - we do what is necessary.  We work diligently in the shadows to strip away the shame of asking for help, especially food,  when hungry.   

In order to meet the needs of the referrals we get we require  donations of food.  Sponsoring a food drive through your employer, civic organization, church or school insures we will have the food to feed the hungry.


the homeless

We have a shortage of resources  for our ever present homeless population.    At any given time Enterprise has between 10 and 40 homeless.  They seek shelter in abandoned cars, houses and in the woods.  Entire families, single parents with children, the mentally ill, veterans and transients have no centrailized  resource for help.   Homeless are still counted as such when they double up with other families, live on a friend's couch or live in motels.   Our community must offer immediate, transitional and affordable housing.  We need no cost training programs for the  unemployed and underemployed.   No cost or low cost medical and dental care is urgently needed.   With the support of the entire community we can find solutions. Hand Up simply cannot accomplish this alone.


our elderly

Since Hand Up delivers food to the homes of our elderly we become aware of vital essentials needed.  Underinsulated homes invite astronomical power bills.  Fixed incomes force our elders to chose between paying their utilities, buying food or purchasing life sustaining medications.  We find many without necessary mobility devices, proper clothing, adult diapers and even without beds, bankets, linens and towels.  Since there is no public transportation and private cars services are neither affordible or equipped to transport the disabled our seniors do without  Public laundrymats are few and far between and the cost for washing and drying one load can be over $10.  And how exactly does a senior with mobility challenges transport laundry back and forth?   Again  with the support of the entire community we can find solutions.  Hand Up simply cannot accomplish this alone.