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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference

President jennifer nichols' First media Introduction June 30, 2016

1st media presentation made June 30, 2016  when HUE  was  just organized one month!  (Approx. 200 members)   My how we have grown in membership (800+).  It was done for the ROSYLYN JAFFEE  $100,000.  grant award which we did not receive but was commended for our work in our community.

Homeless in Enterprise Interview

Enterprise homeless interview


Making our Community a better place

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. No one takes a salary.   Think you would be a good fit?  Drop us an email for  more information!


Our History

Recognizing a shortage of resources to help the poverty striken  in this area, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions.  Our  unique approach to delivering food to the at-need   gives us the opportunity to fully vet our referrals.   Also witnessing conditions of need we help as much as possible.  We quickly learned food insecurity is but one essential need for the poverty stricken.  We've consistently grown since our  formation because we are taking the shame away about asking for food!  We cannot feed the hungry alone.  It is  only because of the helping hands of this amazing community we can pay it forward.


Our Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.     We inspire children to pay it forward and encourage interns to work with us.  There is so much more work to be done to reverse homelessness.  Together we can make a difference.  Please support our mission.

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The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick and the needy, and the handicapped. ~Hubert Humphrey

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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we are in desperate need of donated storage space (climate controlled if possible). we have one small storage unit for donated beds and essential elder and baby items. also we could expand our food storage with a larger climate controlled space.

Check out our modest climate controlled food pantry.  We fed 1177 individuals in 2018!

with a small budget we cannot afford advertising. having this digital billboard donated was an amazing gift.

Courtesy of Travis Parker.  Wait for it, wait for it.  How cool is this!